Friday, October 17, 2008

Template Question From The Nurse Practitioner's Place

Hello to my regular readers and to you who just stopped by. I am taking suggestions regarding the background color on the blog. Is the darker background distracting or hard on the eyes? I tried a lighter one, but didn't think that it looked as good.
Please leave a comment regarding this change!

Things at the office are going really well! We are getting busier by the day and now one of the other doctors from the other branch will be coming up on Tuesdays and Thursdays full days and half days Wednesdays starting at the end of the month. This will be an interesting scenario due to the limited space in the office. My nurse is drawing labs, setting up patients, and doing some of my call backs once I approve them. She also pulls the labs each day and puts them on the appropriate charts for my to review. Now she will be doing double the work. We think that it's time for a new addition (CNA) to help out. We'll see what transpires in the next few weeks.

Our patient satisfaction surveys are coming in with great reviews. (Pat! Pat!) I am blessed to have a pretty diverse set of patients and we are seeing more children. That's becoming more enjoyable than I thought. I also gave a presentation at the local Rotary Club about MRSA infections that went over very well. Unfortunately, that subject is a whole other post.

On the home front, my grandson William is getting so big! He's almost 6 months now and has cut his first teeth. My son is getting ready to go into the Navy in Feb. and is up in South Carolina seeing his friend graduate from Army boot camp. We are proud of both of them. They've known each other since 3rd grade.

I am getting ready to submit myself to the local colleges for nurse practitioner precepting. I think I'm ready to give some pointers now. I miss teaching the nursing students at the hospital and I always looked forward to seeing the light come on when a concept really sank in.

Gonna run for now!

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