Saturday, September 13, 2008

Advanced Practice Consensus Proposed By The American Nurses Association

In the June meeting in Washington, D.C., the ANA as endorsed a practice consensus that proposes a standardized model for advanced practice nursing certification and education. This model hopes to allow NPs to be licensed in multiple states more easily. It also hopes to establish independent practice as the norm instead of the exception and under this model ARNPs will be practicing without supervision or collaboration per Jennifer Ford of Advance For Nurse Practitioners magazine.

For most of us, as NPs, this sounds like a great idea and I’m all for independent practice, but I’m not sure that any new graduate NP should be without a collaborator to bounce ideas off of for at least the first year. I still ask my collaborating physician for reinforcement for what I already know but it's nice to hear feedback. Maybe one day when I have several years of practice experience, I may decide to open my own practice but it won't be any time soon.  For those of you who are considering opening your own practice, click on the banner in my header at the top of the page and visit Barbara NP Practice site and take a look around.


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