Saturday, August 23, 2008

Nurse Practitioner Issues When Your Patient Doesn't Have Insurance

I am having a very difficult time with a local hospital regarding a particular patient who doesn't have insurance. He has been suffering through what appears to be a relatively easy problem that is surgically solvable but no one will do anything about it.
After numerous visits to the ER and being sent home, I am getting a little pissed. I can't follow this patient into the hospital because I don't have admission privileges. Our practice lets the hospitalists take care of the patient (if they EVER get admitted!).
Does this patient have to become gangrenous and die just to get evaluated?


  1. NP, That is very sad. It is getting very scary with medical issues here in the States. We certainly need something that ensures that everyone who truly needs basic medical care can get it.

  2. Cathy, I would love to find some kind of national coverage for health care. Too many of my patients can't afford regular health coverage and those are the ones who really need the expensive tests because they haven't been seen in too long.

  3. Hi Cathy
    You have my empathy! Very interesting blog and after looking at some other blogs, I have decided to have a short interview with you to include in one of my last (probably mid-September postings on the theme Nurse - Who and Why ? Plan to spotlight on 5 different nursing disciplines! It will be a short interview and I will e-mail the questions if you are interested. My blog -