Sunday, June 08, 2008

Great Happenings in Nurse Practitioner Land!

I have some great news to tell everyone. We've been pretty busy over the last two weeks. Last weekend, my son Michael graduated high school. We are so proud of him. He is going to a community college and will be working on an Electrical Engineering degree (at least this week!).
He moved into an apartment across the street from the college so there won't be far to go and he got a job at Publix as a bagger. I'm sure that he will do very well. Grad pictures to be posted!

This weekend, our oldest son got married. It was a beautiful ceremony with lots of tears. I can't wait to get the pictures from the wedding downloaded. She was a gorgeous bride! The dress was so pretty and the church was all done up. The reception was fun though my side of the family were the only ones cutting lose and dancing except for her uncle and his wife. I look forward to more great looking grandchildren in the future.

The current grandson was so good and slept pretty much through the whole process. My daughter was one of the bride's maids. So pretty! Everyone from down south came up for the wedding and the graduation so it was really nice. No fighting! How great! We aren't known as "The Adam's Family" for nothing!

Work is going well. Trying to get the numbers up and most are coming in from word of mouth. The best advertising in my book! Nothing too interesting to report except for a little funny from one of my peds patients.

I'm standing with my back to Daddy and the 5 year old when I hear VERY quietly, "Can you hear really well?" I chuckled and said with my back still to him, "Yes I can. I have REALLY big ears, don't I?" I thought Daddy was going to fall off the table. From the mouths of babes!

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