Monday, May 26, 2008

Happy Memorial Day From The Nurse Practitioner's Place!

I hope everyone is enjoying their day! I'm lucky enough to be off work and am getting ready for a swim and dinner at the neighbor's with my family. We do need to remember what today is all about though.

Memorial Day is to celebrate all the Veteran's who served our country so that we can be free to do the things we like to do. Nurses were there on the field in the middle of the danger and behind the lines taking care of the wounded. The medics on the field were there as well. Take the time to find a medical veteran and talk to them about their experiences. I'm sure they will enjoy it if they can talk about it. Some are still carrying the invisible wounds of their service.

Thanks to all the current service men and women and to all the medical staff who are all over the world so that our home front remains free. Remember the fallen, and thank a veteran today for their sacrifice and service.

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