Saturday, February 09, 2008

I'm Such A Lucky Nurse Practitioner!

Just had to pop in and brag a little about my new early Valentine's present! I got a new laptop from the hubby. It's an Acer with Vista on it. The picture of the turtle was in there so I thought it might be a nice thing to look at. I'm having fun figuring out how it all works. It's pretty bad when things like this just make me giddy!
I've had the old laptop for two years and my kids have pretty much destroyed the thing playing their games on it. This one is off limits except for the hubby.
What are you planning for your loved one this Valentine's?
I'm still planning my husband's surprise..

The new job is going very well. The doc is impressed with my documentation. We are having our open house on Monday from 5:30-7:30 and I'm looking forward to seeing who will come out to see the new place. Patients are coming in for new patient paperwork and some are transferring from the other branch. Most are new and I'm taking that as a great sign.


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