Sunday, June 24, 2007

Why do we have such a nursing shortage?

I have been looking at the topic of the nursing shortage for a while. I think I have cracked the real reason behind the problem. Look at the lack of nursing instructors. We don't have enough of them in colleges teaching. Too many potentially great nurses are being turned away because of the lack of instructors. Why is this? The lack of proper wages at the college level. I can make more as a floor nurse without my degree than they are paying instructors in my area. Why would I want to take a cut in pay to teach unless I was close to retirement or so broken down physically that it was the only way to remain working. Look around and see what the average age of the current nursing instructors and I bet I'm right. I would love to teach but I have to pay back my huge student loans back before I could even think about it. This topic was reintroduced over at Everyday Nurses forum. Please pop over and check it out and while you're at it, check out Nursing Link as well. They are two great nursing forums and places for us to network.

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  1. Anonymous1:55 AM

    Its because other countries have high salary for nurses that their own country.