Saturday, May 12, 2007

Fires Raging in North Florida

Hello to all. I just wanted to pop a note up about how bad the smoke is in the area with the wildfires raging in North Florida. As of the last week, it looks like a whiteout and the ash is falling almost continuously. I have told everyone I can to stay inside their homes, especially those with respiratory problems. The schools closed early Friday and we had to pick up the little one from his elementary school. I have found most of our important papers and have made a mental note of things I want to throw into the vehicles in case of an evacuation notice.
I feel really bad about the animals as well. They don't understand what's happening and must be scared out of their minds.
On a greater note, I finally got my transcripts and they have been sent overnight to the ANCC credentialing agency and am awaiting my seating pass. Off I go to study some more!
Hope things are nicer wherever you all are!

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