Tuesday, February 27, 2007

Nurse Practitioner Student Job Interview Today

Hello to all! I met with a prospective nurse practitioner employer today for lunch. He brought the office manager with him and I think it went well.
Things we discussed...
1. Making rounds at the hospital and satellite clinics that are in the works.
2. Taking call
3. Insurance
4. Paid time off
5. Vacation time
6. Holidays that the office is closed.
7. Retirement benefits
8. Doing an internship in the office during the last 6 weeks of school so that I don't have to work full time and do clinicals. (yeah baby!)
9. Salary range potential.

I think we will work well together and I am awaiting the final news so I can give my two weeks notice at my current job.

How exciting is this!!!!!! Wish me luck!!!!!

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