Friday, September 22, 2006

Blogger Beta Anyone?

Has anyone switched to Blogger Beta yet? I am playing with it but I hate to lose my nice template! I just found the thing and really don't like the boring ones that are available. I keep surfing for beta templates but no one has gotten creative yet. Let me know what you think.

I will be doing clinicals in a new doctor's office on Monday and Tuesday. I hope that we hit it off because he is high on my list of perspective employers. I'm counting the days until I can stop the heavy lifting of patients. My good knee is turning into my bad one.

Strangely enough, my youngest son has developed "sympathy pains in his leg" whenever my knee hurts. No, really! Every time my knee hurts, he comes home from school complaining about his leg hurting. Today, he asked about my knee when he climbed into the truck because his leg hurt today. I was asked "why do I have to hurt when you do Mommy?"

I told him that we were "extra specially connected" and that I was sorry that he hurts when I do.
Mommy will try and take better care of her knee. I've heard of this phenomenon before but never has happened to me. Interesting...

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