Sunday, August 20, 2006

Check out my attempt at E-commerce

In an effort to pay for some of my schooling, I have put ads on my blog obviously. I thank those who have supported my efforts.

I am playing with another endeavor at Squidoo making it my new NP store. You can go there to find Amazon, Cafe Express, The Superstore, and of course, Google Adsense ads.

I have made a "store" at my other place.

I have done pretty well from Amazon and Google Adsense ads. Not enough to quit my job, but enough to pay for a few books. I know we can't go running around revealing just how much or Google gets a little mad, or so I'm told.

How do you supplement your schooling etc? Anything better than others? All of you lurkers out there need to chime into this one!! (Smile)

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