Monday, June 05, 2006

Looking For Ways to Pay for School Besides Working

Hello to all.. As you can see from the changes in my template, I am working on ways to make money instead of working so many hours at the hospital. I have various promotions on the page varying from Google Adsense, to a new Pay Pal Donation link (the one just under the view my profile).. This semester hasn't been bad because the clinical hours are 135.. But the next two will be due the hours jumping to over 200 hours each semester..
Trying to study, do homework, work full time as a floor nurse, and attempt to maintain some kind of family interaction is really difficult as a student. I'm sure that many of you are having the same issues..
I also started another blog on Blogcharm which pays for each time the blog is viewed instead of link clicks.. Because it's new, not many readers yet and some of you have already updated your links. Thanks if done already! It's over there on the sidebar under My Other Blog...
Do you click on the advertisements on other nurse's blogs to support them or not? If not, what would make you do so? What types of links would you like to see? Would you rather just make donations per Paypal than see the ads?
Let me know what you all think! (This includes my silent readers out there!)
Thanks for your input!!

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