Wednesday, May 17, 2006

Nurse Practitioner Student's Daughter Got Married

Hello everyone! Thought I would jot a little post about my 18 year old only daugther getting married the day before Mother's Day. SIGH...
Last year she decided, after much pressure from her father over the years, to move to his house about 45 minutes away. She was in 10th grade and seemed to think that the grass was greener at his house. After all, we were the ogres who made her follow the house rules.. You know the ones...
No being out all hours of the night. Letting us know where she was. Helping with the dishes (dishwasher), folding laundry every now and then..keeping her room picked up and taking care of her cat litter box. Sounds like slave labor, huh??? WAAAAA!!!!!
My husband has driven this child back and forth to her visitation with her father for the last 10 years and has treated her like his own. What thanks does he get??? None of course. It sucks being a step parent. She told everyone how he would "yell at her". Well, when you're told in a normal voice to do something on a daily basis and you don't seem to hear it... Yelling will commence! It's natural..
Anyway... I got a call a couple of weeks ago from this child of mine who told me that she was getting married. As I sat there in shock, she asked if I was still there?? I couldn't speak for a few minutes while I tried to wrap my brain around the stupidity of it all.. What was she thinking??? I married when I was 17 and told her that it was a HUGE mistake not to have life experience before committing to a marriage. Finish highschool (which I did)..Go to college.. See the world.. then settle down..
All I heard was "I want your approval but even if I don't get it.. I'm getting married anyway". I said, "to who???? I didn't even know she was dating anybody!" Nice warning!! I told her that I had to go and that it had to sink into my brain before I could respond.. Off goes the phone...
3...2...1... ARGH!!!!!!! Yelling and Screaming and Crying commence!!!
This is my only daughter!! What happened to the "Mom I'm dating Chris... Mom, I'm in love!! I'm engaged!.. then Mom, we're getting married... You know.. the right order of things????
By the way.. this all started because when she turned 18, she didn't want to listen to Dad's rules either and quit school in the 11th grade and moved into her friend's house. The husband is the friend's older brother (18)....
Oh well.... After a few weeks of torturing my co-workers with my saga.. she got married in her Dad's yard. It was a nice ceremony.. The part where "does anyone object" was cut out and smartly so.. Half our side would have stood up and spoken out I think... What can I do?? She's 18 and will learn her life lessons... She's not pregnant...yet.... I begged them to wait until I'm 4o at least.. I'm going to be 39 in September.. I expect that they won't make it that long..
Here's some pictures.... I'm off to therapy for my TMJ.... (just kidding)Note the strategic placement of my husband's hand in the bottom picture...

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