Friday, May 26, 2006

Nurse Practitioner Student's Cats Are Too Distracting!

I have decided that my lovable cats are just too darn distracting. Anytime I am trying to work on my computer or books, they throw themselves into my chair or across my books. I know they are trying to get more attention, but geez! What is their fascination with my printer!! One day, these cats are going to get their paws or heads stuck in there. They also won't let me go the bathroom by myself either! They butt their heads against the door if they don't beat me into the bathroom. They are great stress reducers though.

I had some great clinicals this last week. One was in our fast track ER and one with a Family MD. I may find myself working in one of the two places. As I've said before, I'm using my clinicals to find out who I will work with eventually.

On a sadder note, our family dog died the day before yesterday. My kids are grieving and my husband really loved him too. He had a degenerative eye disease that made him blind and gained a lot of weight. I'm sure it was a fast heart attack. He looked peaceful out by the shady tree in our backyard.. SIGH....

Off to do more homework! Thanks for all the support so far from all of my loyal readers!!

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