Wednesday, March 22, 2006

Nurse Practitioner Student's Son Needed His Mommy

Hello to all...
I got a call from my nineteen year old son who was crying hysterically into the phone. Of course, I almost panicked myself because the last time he cried was when he was little.. except for the time he was puking drunk but that's another story..

He has a horrible ear infection and was prescribed Lortab 5/500 for pain control. About an hour later, he started itching and broke out in hives. He said that he felt like he was dying. I asked if he was having difficulty breathing and he said no.. (Thank goodness!) I have a codeine allergy, but I have never had this severe a reaction before.

I was torn as to whether to have him call for an ambulance or revert to my nursing instinct and have him wait it out with supervision. I had him call his girlfriend to drive him home. I told him to take some Benedryl and to call me in 30 minutes and to call his doctor to let him know what was going on...

He called the doctor who agreed with my assessment and then he called me later to say that he was feeling a little better. WHEW! The doctor called in Tramadol for pain (Ultram)to which I told my son to take 1/2 the pill and wait 30 minutes and if no reaction to take the other 1/2... Why worry about Ultram??

I took two Ultram for knee pain last year and had every side effect at one time, except that I didn't break out in a rash and stop breathing. I felt like I was going to die!! Evidently, Ultram breaks down like codeine and can cause a similar reaction to those of us who are allergic.

My son was able to take Ultram without incident. Thank goodness!!! I told him to make sure that he put codeine down as an allergy in his wallet and to have the doctor's office make note..

A couple of hours later.. my son called me back and said....
"I'm so embarrassed that I cried, but I felt so bad that I wanted my Mommy..."

It still feels good to hear it........

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