Friday, February 24, 2006

People stealing body parts

February 24, 2006 -- Four ghouls ran a multimillion-dollar body-parts ring, hoisting corpses into a secret, surgically pristine operating room where they removed bones, tendons and heart valves, authorities revealed yesterday.
Once their gruesome task was done, the body snatchers replaced the bones with plastic piping, callously tossed their gloves and aprons into the desecrated corpses and sewed them up, authorities said.

Over almost four years, the men allegedly harvested parts from 1,077 bodies, but only once obtained the OK from relatives. In all the other cases, they forged the consent forms, prosecutors said.

The purloined parts were sold to tissue-transplant companies for use in back and hip replacements, knee operations and dental implants around the world.

Click on the title to read the entire story from The New York Post...

This is just too disgusting to think about right now. I am scheduled for double meniscus replacement on Tuesday. It's bad enough that I have to get over having dead people's parts in my knee with all the inherent risks involved. I know that they screen as well as they can, but after reading this horrific article.... What's really sad is that I am a hugh supporter of organ, bone and tissue donation. I am one myself but this needs to be SEVERELY dealt with!!!


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