Monday, February 27, 2006

Nurse Practitioner student prepares for knee surgery

Hello to all.. I thought I would take a minute and blog about my knee surgery tomorrow that's going to happen at 10:00. Here's a couple of thoughts that have been passing through my mind..

1. I sure hope I go to sleep during the anesthesia and don't feel anything.

2.I sure hope I wake up from the anesthesia.

3. I hope that I am a good patient during my single day surgery. I plan to be but one never knows how one will react to drugs.

4. I hope I get some good drugs during my recovery room period. I don't take pain medication very often and I plan to enjoy my brief interlude. No I'm not a drug addict. If anything, I don't take it enough. I'm a Motrin fan big time!

5. I hope that my son enjoys our reading and singing time tonight and remembers everything about me if something happens.

6. I hope that Michael understands that even though I yell at him a lot, I do it out of love. I hope he remembers that I chose to be his Mom. The other ones were just stuck with me.

7. I hope that my daughter understands how much I really love her even if she didn't think I showed it enough. I hope she follows my footsteps into nursing but if not, finds a passion that she will love for a lifetime instead of just having a job. I miss her around the house. The stubborn ass needs to come back home!

8. I hope my oldest son knows that I'm very proud of him trying to get his act together with college. He needs to buckle down and find a career as well.. I miss him being around the house sitting on my lap even though he's almost 6 foot tall. He's such a MaMa's boy and I love it!!

9. I hope my mother in law truly understands how much I've come to care about her. I wish that she would take better care of herself so that she's around for a long time. I know we got off on a rocky start but I love her dearly.

10. I hope my husband understands how much he means to me. He takes such good care of me and the kids. He puts up with my laziness and my idiocyncrases.(sp) I so enjoy our alone time together even if it's just the ride to work and back on a daily basis. We don't get enough alone time between work and school. I can't wait to be done with this so we can take a little trip somewhere nice.

I didn't mean to get sappy but what are some things you would want your family to know if you were about to go under the knife?????

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