Thursday, February 09, 2006

Just a little update from your favorite Nurse Practitioner student!

Hello to all! I finally got a date for surgery on my knee.. February 28th... So looking forward to it, not!!
Did some clinicals today and was totally bored because the doctor I followed wouldn't let me go into the rooms with him except for a few. I can't complain.. I guess it was also the easiest 6 hours I've spent in a while. He did discuss the cases and listened to me regarding a treatment option. I will be following his nurse practitioner on Monday and I expect to get more hands on which is the whole point!
I have to run off and take a test so this will be it for now!
P.S.. Please take some time and visit my husband's blog Independent News Service
He's new at this and has some interesting views regarding politics and sports.

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