Wednesday, December 07, 2005

Discussion of paraphilias by a nurse practitioner student

In one of the classes I took while waiting for the new nurse practitioner classes next semester, I had to summarize and comment on a chapter in my Human Sexuality book and this is what I came up with...
Paraphilias are an interesting bunch to read about. Well known fetishes include shoes and women's clothing. I don't find them particularly erotic but I can see how a man might.
S&M is a sport that I have lightly dabbled in, if love bites are considered. I don't bite hard but I enjoy nibbling. I don't like pain incorporated into any sex act toward me but I could probably give it (with a limit) to someone who is truly turned on by it.
I would never want to be tied down even with a trusted partner due to my past with my evil stepdad. He used to find it funny to hold us down until we panicked as children.
Autoerotic asphyxia is a scary thing to think about as a mother of three boys. This last year there were three "suicides" all by young teens. There was speculation by many that the boys were dabbling this type of paraphilia. I have had discussions regarding the danger of it and by my son's reactions, I don't think they have ever thought of it.
I hope it stays that way!
I never thought receiving enemas could be erotic. That's coming from a nurse who's given plenty of them. No one ever seemed to enjoy it at all.
As far as exhibitionism goes, I like to flash my husband (boobs mostly). It's our way of saying "I'm busy with homework but I'm still thinking of you". I would never flash anyone else unless I was single maybe at Mardi Gras or something. I have gotten flashed by patients and have found it's best to ignore the behavior and it usually goes away. I have noticed that they usually do it more to the younger nurses for shock value.
Zoophilia just is gross to me. I have no idea why having sex with an animal is supposedly appealing to people. That ranks right up there with necrophilia. That's just digusting! The idea of having sex with a dead person is just sacraligious, especially after having attended several deaths over the years as a nurse.
So, what's your favorite fetish???

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