Friday, August 26, 2005

Updates from the Nurse Practitioner's Place

Well, it's almost time to start classes again this next week. I sure have enjoyed relaxing and taking it easy. I took a break from typing as you can tell because my wrist was killing me from so much time on the computer doing papers. I'm taking two social work classes to fill in this semester because there was nothing offered for the nurse practitioner online program. Family Violence which is pretty self explanatory, and Human Sexuality. Wonder if I will learn anything new?
I did get a chance to attend a wedding in the Don Cesar resort. Ooo Laa Laa! Ritzy place! I would like to go there for my husband and myself sometime in the future. I also read three books for pleasure!!! Yeah!!! I so love to read and it's nice to read because I want to and not just for school.
On the medical front, I had a MRI done of my brain and cervical spine to rule out Multiple Sclerosis because I had been having vague symptoms of muscle weakness, pain and thought it was fibromyalgia. Turned out negative for MS.. What a relief! But now I'm back to the fibromyalgia symptoms. I did find that the "dowager's hump" I thought was from poor posture is a HUGE bone spur compressing my spinal cord. Alternatives include physical therapy, pain control (yeah right, one Percocet and I'm higher than Cheech and Chong ever thought of being!) and last resort surgery. No one will be cutting on me unless there is a drastic change that's for sure! So, now I have a lifting restriction for life of no more than 25 pounds. Work will not appreciate that but I will not injure myself so close to the completion of my NP program ( 1 1/2 years).. Anyway... Gotta run to bed for now...

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