Friday, July 15, 2005

Professional bashing

I have been surfing the net instead of homework and have noticed what I call "professional bashing" going on. We all know that doctors like to belittle nurses and make them feel inferior and that nurses love to watch doctors make fools of themselves. But do we really need to keep doing that to each other? Aren't we all supposed to be helping each other take care of who's most important? (the patient, not the egos)
I was surfing and found an entry on Code Blog's site that I felt needed responding to on my own site.

I would be very interested in how nurses would have responded if the roles were reversed, and the story was about a senior doc who lashed out at a mere nursing student, and was also consistently rude for a month.

Would any nurse have said "I'm glad you realize how crucially important doctors are and gave him props. Doctors virtually always understand the biomedical and psychosocial conundrums of the patient better than anyone else..."
added by MD on May 24, 2005 12:04 PM

Well... I, as a nurse, would have responded the same props regardless of who the professional was. The nurse shouldn't have held the grudge for that long. Doctors have been known to hold grudges also. I know a few.. I do agree with the terminology of "virtually" understanding the biomedical and psychosocial conundrums but I think we should replace the term doctors with "health care professionals". We all have to know how the medical and psychosocial aspects of our patients work. If you don't, you are in the wrong profession and I don't want you taking care of my patients.
Anyone else agree?

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