Friday, July 01, 2005

Nurse Practitioner online track getting rearranged

What a pain in the butt!! I was told by my counselor at the college that I needed to take all three classes this semester due to not being available in the Fall and not sure when they would be.. I paid over 3,000 dollars for the classes out of pocket! The online track is new to the college and I expected some glitches. But....
I called yesterday to find out what was being offered in the Fall and was told that possibly Advanced Assessments would be there but nothing else and that the program was on hold.
HOLD!!! What do you mean on hold!!!!!!!
I freaked out!!! By this semester I will have taken 15 credits toward a 37 credit (plus thesis) track.
Solution??? I called the head nursing dean at the college and sent an email for clarification...
Here goes... There is nothing being offered in the Fall and I already have loans lined up! There goes good cash out the frigging window!! I just consolidated my loans while in school to take advantage of the low interest rates and now don't have a grace period... More money coming out!!
Spring Semester will have 4 classes of which I have already taken 2 so I'm good there. I'll at least have 6 credits for my loans in the Spring.. I still may have to go to campus for classes in the skills section. They haven't figured out how to do it online yet... Suggestion?? Call other colleges who are already doing it and ask them... Hmmmm?? I'm hoping they will let me take some courses (who knows what? Independent study or thesis for 6 credits in the Fall.. Who knows!

Anyway... thanks for letting me vent.. Gotta get ready for work tomorrow!!

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