Sunday, June 12, 2005

Lost the battle to insulin today

It's not been a good day around the house. Today, my husband finally lost his battle with finally having to take insulin for his diabetes. I showed him how to draw up and administer the insulin but he was shaking so hard that I had to inject him. The dosing range doesn't appear to be working yet, so we may have to call the doctor to go to the level two sliding scale. (heavy sigh)
My mother in law keeps calling to ask me if I've checked on him and after the third time, I got a little short. I told her that I understand that she's worried about him but I DO THIS FOR A LIVING!!! I'm a nurse for God's sake!!! She understood (the lovely woman that she is) that I wasn't trying to be mean.
My husband has been my work in progress for the last 8 years. When I met him, his cholesterol was 600, triglycerides was over 3000, and he was hypertensive with early diabetes.. A lovable trainwreck to be sure! Needless to say, he is my driving force to become a practitioner. He has a good doctor who is very sympathetic to noncompliant patients like my husband. That has been his downfall for too long. Time for militant nurse to step up and strong arm him. I have to say that since I've been with him, his health has improved except for the diabetes.
It's a hard road to travel with an Italian who loves to cook.... and I carry on!!!

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