Wednesday, March 23, 2005

Just a little funny...

I had to take a minute to jot down a little funny that happened yesterday at the hospital. Of course, the names and circumstances may resemble someone you may know, but be reassured, they are not...
An LPN and I were discussing one of her patients who was in with a head to toe rash which was found to be stress related. She often paced up and down the halls from boredom during the shift. On the way back from one of her many trips downstairs, she handed the LPN a four leaved clover. I exclaimed, "where did you get that?" She said that she had found a patch of clover downstairs outside somewhere. After a few minutes of talking about her troubles, which brought on another attack of itching, she offered to go and find me one. I said that it would be nice. After she left, the LPN and I were kind of laughing about what a picture this patient must make picking through the grass downstairs. The LPN asked, "I wonder if someone will ask her what she's doing down there?" I replied, "I can just see it now." (pt to the ER employees) "I swear! I am looking for a four leaf clover for a nurse upstairs!! Really!!" No sooner did we get over the funny, the telephone rang at the desk. Guess who?? The ER staff asking if we had a patient that we were missing. I said I bet she said that she was looking for a four leaved clover for a nurse, huh? They said yeah.. I said, "Well.. she is!!!
I swear it's exactly what happened.... TOOO funny!!! Jennifer


  1. That is a funny story. Medical personnel are always full of funny stories, I know I am! Thank you so much for the kind comments you left on my blog regarding nursing and not weaning too soon.

  2. You are very welcome. I wasn't sure if it took. The server was having trouble at the time.

  3. I came here via the comment you left on mamalife's blog. It's great you are going to be a NP. All the NPs that I know have such wonderful bedside manner.

  4. I do agree that NPs have great bedside manners. I think it's because we come from a nursing background. Nurses seem to deal with the whole person, not just the disease process. Thanks for visiting my site, hope to see you again!