Sunday, February 20, 2005

Hello There!

Feel free to post on issues that concern you regarding the profession. Enjoy! I hope that you will enjoy my journey toward completing my Bachelor's degree and then onto my Master's Degree in Nursing. I look forward to visiting other nursing blogs and learning from each and every one of you all.

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  1. i love ur profession ur a mother and a nurse right?

    a mother profession is a noble career.a nurse is serving tlc..tender loving care .

    :)awww btw my profession is not a nurse my career is just a "ghost" what can u say about this profession?


  2. Yes, I am a mother and a nurse. Sometimes I think they are synonymous. I really like your picture. How did you do that? If the profession you are in is one of the past, it could be ghostly??
    Thanks for posting to my work in progress!

  3. i can sense that you are a very smart woman and would really go places. just a word of advice, being a mom is not a hindrance in fulfilling your dreams. it may just make your travel a bit waylaid but girl, never give up because there is a place for you destined in this universe. i'm sure you'll be someone someday.

    life is not a race buddy.


  4. Without my husband and children, all that I do is for nothing. Life is definitely not a race because you may not like where the finish line takes you! See you!

  5. i agree two thumbs up:)

  6. Dear Jennifer-
    Thank you for your posting. Actually, I have to agree with your
    point-of-view. Recently I saw a NP for a respiratory condition that I
    had previously seen a physician for, and she was much more in tune with
    my whole person. She conducted a breathing test and most importantly
    she showed a great degree of empathy. I wish you much success in your
    profession. Take care.
    M. Maag

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