Saturday, February 22, 2014

Changes in Practice Locations

Apparently, after I left my previous employer to go to Shand's Primary Care West in Lake City, I have been "just booked up, sick, or out of the office." 
I understand that the previous practice does not want to tell my patients where I went in order to try and keep them from following me. But it's pretty sad when they lie to patients and not just tell them that I've moved on. Don't they realize that it makes people mad and make them want to leave? 
I have always thought no compete clauses were stupid anyway. Adults will follow a provider if they can because they have built a relationship and trust. I can't make them follow if they don't want to. 
I will be glad when the new doctor joins the group so the advertising goes out and it all can be clarified. 
Otherwise, I've been on the longest vacation of my life?

1 comment:

  1. I just left a practice that did the same to me...very frustrating! However, people will find you regardless. I've been pleasantly surprised to see previous patients appear even after's the bed side manner that counts!